Visar inlägg från 2013

'a body worn from fighting wars'

c'mon, take me for a ride.

tunes on a tuesday

'but it ain't that truth we chase. no, it's the promise of a better place.'


'Your life may be bumpy. More so than the landing.'

'balancing on one wounded wing.'

'beneath it all, you're golden.'

'it is banging inside. it is singing aloud. get on with your life.'

'what comes is better than what came before'. it better be.

14th of august - imprinted in me. forever.

'who will be the light when daylight doesn't come?'

det finns så många sätt att falla på

infinite love

'But Mexico is different, I know that. You're allowed your heart and daggers there.'

the never-ending dealings with crohn's. and no, it's not a love story.

post hospital

ileus - hospital stories

'now i'm a farmer, praying for rain'.

'Oh, thought that I owned these grounds but they're no longer mine. I have to find another way home.'

'a life less ordinary'

i'd better shape up, cos' the psychiatric a&e is full. anxiety appears to be an epidemic.

cheering for ali

if i had any sense, i'd stop all of this right now.

jag och min lott

hoping spring will wake me up.

in my dreams i'm always happy and dancing

rose is a rose is a rose is a rose

wish you were here

jag sitter här i mörkret och väntar

i've never slept through a storm

and it came to a halt.

these days

sometimes it makes sense

searching for happiness

sen sist

om att förlora fotfästet