searching for happiness

It hits me like a bullet - I've spent 34 years making my life as hard as possible. I think I finally had enough of it. 

Things that make me happy (in no particular order): Cats, music, slow afternoons in the sun doing nothing, friends, coffee, closeness, planting, yoga, you, drinking wine with friends, trees and the sea.

I despise the stress that seems to have found a home in me. I feel myself tense up and get nothing done without reason. There's no logic to it. So I sit down and pick out a really old CD that once meant a lot to me. I put my headphones on, lean back and listen. Actually listen. For a little while nothing else exists. 

It makes me immensly sad that I got so lost, but hopeful that I'll find my way to a better place.

I wonder if I could learn the chords to this song. 


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